What We Do

We work with clients who want to create real change to get real results.

Our mission is to assist and support you in enhancing performance, to become a stronger communicator and to realise what’s truly possible.

We work with clients who want to create real change to get real results.

We achieve this by providing training, consulting and coaching on advanced influencing and persuasion communication techniques, to improve leadership skills, stakeholder management, and overall communication skills.

Recent research shows that 81% of employees in Australia want more opportunities to grow personally and professionally. 

Continued improvement training, regular coaching, and employee assistance programs are a great way for individuals, teams and businesses to create a more positive working environment, improve staff retention, improve individual and overall team performance. plus provide your employees a real sense of value.

Communication is the key to personal and career success.

Our training sessions teach you how to use language patterns to identify underlying subconscious motivation triggers, and advanced communication skills. So that you can quickly find out how a stakeholder, team member or client thinks, gets motivated and makes decisions.

Source Point can help you with:

How our Training and Coaching works

We use a combination of NLP coaching tools and unconscious language-based influencing techniques and processes, to help you improve self-confidence, performance, communication and influencing skills. These tools and processors also allow you to unlock repetitive patterns that prevent you from achieving your true potential.

We give you processes and options to make real progress
in your career or personal life.

On a weekly basis, you will learn career and life-changing techniques to: