Sales Performance Training

The process of improving seller skills and knowledge that drives behavioural change to capitalise on sales opportunities. To be most effective, we believe sales training should create long-lasting change, not just short-term motivational gains.

To attempt to change the world before we change the concept of ourselves is to struggle against the nature of things. There can be no outer change until there is an inner change. As within, so without.
— Neville Goddard

Sales Training is the process of improving seller skills and knowledge that drives behavioural change to capitalise on sales opportunities. To be most effective, we believe sales training should create long-lasting change, not just short-term motivational gains. 

Problems with many sales trainings

Many sales trainings provide an initial impact or new perspective, then the participants go back to their old unconscious behaviours and habits. This is similar to when people set New Years resolutions.

Old habits return after a few weeks, and most people see familiar patterns of behaviour showing up once again.  

Most trainings generally range from a few hours to a one day course, teaching new ways of selling, or reinforcing the importance of utilising different sales processes. Which is great, but most of it doesn’t stick and translate to greater sales success.

This is where we come in.

We bridge this gap between knowledge and tangible success. We are experts at addressing the unseen and hidden problems that impact your sales performance and your numbers.

Our approach to sales training

To paint a clearer picture for you, in my experience most sales professionals sell from their individual model of the world, rather than taking the time to really see and understand the customers model of the world.

Over the last 20 years I have been researching, learning and practicing how the brain is wired. Particularly related to unconscious communication and how to understand a persons unique communication system, motivation triggers for action and how they process information.

I discovered that we all have a unique way of communicating and our own model of how we experience the world.

Once I began to implement what I know now, everything changed for me. I discovered I could easily, effortlessly and effectively communicate with everyone I met.

Your ability to be a flexible communicator is essential to sales success

We work on the NLP presupposition that resistance in a client is a sign of a lack of rapport.

This means there are no resistant clients, only INFLEXIBLE communicators. Consider the impact of this for a moment, I wonder what could change if you had the control to be flexible in your sales conversations.

In NLP The law of requisite variety states – the individual with the most degree of behavioural flexibility has control of the situation. This is at the centre of all our trainings. 

Your inner self beliefs influence your bottom line

It’s been proven time and time again, that what you FOCUS on determines your RESULTS. And your beliefs directly influence where you focus your attention and what you see, hear, process and experience.

If you believe you are an average sales professional, then average is what shows up. If you believe you’re unconvincing and unconfident, that will be your experience. I’m sure you know people who have tried new selling techniques, yet failed to close the sale. Maybe you had meetings in the past where you didn’t fully connect with your prospect.

Most of our beliefs that influence our results are unconscious. That means we are completely unaware of what is holding us back. And this is why anyone who wants to be the best of the best will hire a coach to shine the light on what’s holding you back.

We believe that you have to work with a persons flexibility in communication techniques and individual beliefs before you start learning advanced selling techniques. In our experience, learning advanced communication techniques is one of the most powerful selling techniques anyone can learn. It’s literally a game changing process, that creates so many more opportunities. 

What if you could understand your customers unique communication system allowing you to see the world from their perspective?

Everything would shift, wouldn’t it?

You could begin adapting your language and behaviour to directly match your customers.

Your customers would feel like their needs have been heard and understood.

And you would feel more confident, be more in control, with a stronger chance to influence any situation.

You CAN rapidly change your results once you learn how people operate and see the world.

What you will get out of our sales training

We train and coach people like you, on results driven communication techniques. We train sales professionals how to go to the clients bus stop rather than dragging them to yours. Our training gives you powerful tools, that will easily, effortlessly and effectively improve your results.

  • At the end of our advanced communications training, you will no longer be thinking about yourself, all your attention is on the prospect or customer, which creates stronger rapport and focus.

  • You and your team will be able to hear the clients needs, louder and clearer than ever before. You will literally be talking their language, resulting in higher sales conversions. 

  • You will feel more confident using specific, purposeful language that connects to your customer.

  • You will be able to easily understand your customers true needs. Think about it, every person has different behaviour patterns and underlying subconscious motivation triggers and needs. Customers not only use particular words to express their behaviour and motivation triggers, they also need to hear particular words from you. Which you will have the flexibility to do. Exciting isn’t it?

What is the return on your investment?

The process is as easy and A, B, C once you know what you are doing. The knowledge you will receive is distinct, giving you a greater understanding of human behaviour and how people compute information.

Additionally NLP based training is beneficial in both sales and management. Since both sales and management success relate directly to forming effective relationships with others, your ability to communicate is integral to your success.

NLP teaches improved communication, management, leadership, and coaching skills for those who need help with the advancement of their careers.