Professional Coaching

Professional coaching supports you in your personal and professional life to turn your potential into success.
Who is coaching suitable for?

Source Point Coaching effectively helps you enhance performance, helping you control your emotional state, and improve your thinking and behaviour permanently. This allows you too unlock your true potential, as you release negative habits, behaviours, thoughts and feelings to move away from your current undesirable situation that prevents you from moving towards greater potential and achievement of your goals.

Among the top traits employers look for when hiring or promoting people are interpersonal skills, strong communication skills, and professionalism; all by-products of confidence. Additionally, confident employees in customer-focused or sales positions directly contribute to the overall success of the business.

If you are considering private coaching, here’s how you could benefit:

Working with a coach is a bit like a full service on your car, instead you are nourishing your mind and body. Yet most people spend more time and money on their car, than reconditioning themselves.

Deloitte released a report last year called

The path to prosperity: 

Why the future of work is human.

It discusses what the future of work will look like by 2030 in Australia.

The biggest skills gap will be customer service, which broken down is how we communicate with people. In my opinion once you know yourself, you will be able to know others better too. Its also a proven fact that, people like people who are like themselves.

Which is why one of my passions is to train and coach people to become better communicators, we believe that there are no resistant clients, only inflexible communicators. This why our training and coaching is all about supporting others to become flexible communicators, no matter what the situation.

We also believe that people have all the resources that they need to make the changes that they want. We already have all the resources we need or we can create them. There are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states.

How Source Point helps you create positive, lasting change.

Science has shown us time and time again, that the unconscious mind is the most powerful part of you that influences your outcomes.

You may or may not know this your unconscious mind is where your behaviours, thoughts, memories and habits reside and this creates the way you experience or perceive the world. Your unconscious mind takes in and stores information and memories for every single detail of everything you have ever seen, done, heard, smelt and tasted. Isn’t that amazing?

In fact the mind is receiving up to 2 million pieces of information at any one time, yet it is only able to process 134 bits of information. Where does the rest of the information go? It gets deleted, distorted and generalised then stored in the deeper structures of our unconscious minds. By asking better questions, we are able to access the information that has been deleted, distorted and generalised. Think about the possibilities that this information would give you, you would get a greater understanding of a persons model of the world, therefore their communication.

Using a combination of NLP Coaching tools and unconscious language based influencing techniques, we support you to enhance self-confidence and unlock habits that have stopped you from achieving your true potential in the past.

To attempt to change the world before we change our concept of ourselves is to struggle against the nature of things. There can be no outer change until there is an inner change. As within, so without.
— Neville Goddard

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