Communications and Influencing Training

Excellent communication skills are top of the list when it comes to soft skills you need to succeed in your career or business.

 Whether it’s a meeting, presentation, sales call, or simply a conversation with a staff member or co-worker, effective communication is an important skill you need to master to increase you or your teams performance.


Everything changed, when I realised the power of communicating by going to the other persons bus stop and not dragging them to mine.

Our sessions teach clients how to communicate using language that identifies underlying subconscious motivation triggers, and advanced communication skills, to find out quickly how a stakeholder, team member or client thinks, gets motivated and makes decisions.


Who is your audience?

You will learn that not everyone processes information and language the same way. Think about or imagine how it would feel to be able to adapt your language to match an individual or a groups communication preferences. Would you build quicker rapport, YES. Would your audience take more away from the talk? YES.


Confidence is the key to success

Confidence allows you to speak concisely and with clarity. Professionals who communicate with confidence can convey what they wish to their clients and co-workers in a clear and efficient manner. Confident and therefore effective communication is critically important for career advancement and business success.


How we support you to enhance performance in leadership, stakeholder management and sales

Individual Communication Preferences

We all interpret the world differently based on our unconscious processes of absorbing information. We all have preprogramed preferences. This often influences how we go about our lives and what we draw into our lives, you may prefer to see, hear, feel, or think about things. This directly influences the way you communicate and can explain why sometimes your message just isn’t being heard.

Uncover your preferred way of understanding and interpreting the world by taking the quiz below. This will give you the knowledge and understanding on how you process and interpret the world.

discover your communication representational preference