Converting Potential Into


What is Source Point?

Source Point is a Wellbeing, Mental Fitness, Advanced Communications and Professional Coaching Provider. We work with individuals and Teams to grow personally and professionally, as well as organisations to build engaged, mentally-fit, fulfilled workforces, which in return improves performance. By doing this, we achieve our own mission, which is to be of service in supporting people in becoming a better version of themselves!

Our service offering includes a Corporate Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Platform, Training on Advanced Communication & Advanced Presentation skills, and One-on-One Professional Coaching.

We work with clients who want to create real change to get real results.

We achieve this by providing training, consulting and coaching on advanced influencing and persuasion communication techniques, to improve leadership skills, stakeholder management, and overall communication skills. 

Wellbeing and Mental Fitness

Complete wellbeing platform that proactively supports the mental health and physical wellbeing of employees


Great communication and influencing skills are top of the list when it comes to soft skills you need to succeed in your career or business.

Professional Coaching

With the right foundations, and structure, you can bridge any gap to achieve the desired outcome you want.

Many of the worlds most successful inventors, innovators, disruptors and leaders didn’t start out with instant success.

They decided to be that way, by trusting their intuition and not allowing other peoples thinking to deter them from achieving their dreams.